SHACL – “Shackles” for better data quality

Linked data technologies were originally designed to publish semantically enriched data on the web, to connect heterogeneous data sets and to allow for a better information retrieval. Thus the focus of Linked Data ontologies and vocabularies is interoperability and not restriction of data. Ontologies help to draw conclusions and to see information in a broader… Read More »

Three further amsl users in Saxony

The new EFRE project phase comprises a work package which aims to implement amsl for three additional university libraries in Saxony. From now on the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB), the Chemnitz University Library as well as the Freiberg University Library are users of the amsl ERM software. Existing data from predecessor systems… Read More »

Feature of the Month: Standard Reports

Which budgets have already been charged? How high are our expenditures made or planned for the current fiscal year? Which contracts are related to a certain faculty? What is the workflow status of our current contracts? Some of the questions arising in the erm context are not that easily answered and sometimes too complex even… Read More »

Up-to-date: New Versions of amsl Web Demo and Manual

The amsl web demo has been updated and is now up-to-date with the latest development. Aside from the software update we have revised and adjusted the demo data for registered users according to the latest changes to give an even better impression of the daily work with amsl. In the course of updating the web… Read More »

Many Little Puzzle Pieces for a Better Usability

After some quite months on this blog, now there are some news about amsl again. During the last roughly 9 month, we have not been idle at all, but have optimized many small details. Starting with an improved sorting of lists, over an enhanced filter option, a multiple selection option when adding properties and an… Read More »

Feature of the Month: File Upload

When managing electronic resources, often the need may arise to not only save the information contained in a document, but to provide the original document itself. This can mean scanned license contracts, necessary to know the exact wording of terms and conditions, as well as received invoices or balance calculations, which need to be accessed… Read More »

amsl at the 104th Bibliothekartag: Slides available

The 104th Bibliothekartag in Nuremberg has passed and we have had the opportunity to meet many interested colleagues and to gather as many new ideas and suggestions. Both events, talk and workshop, were well attended: we were very happy about the many listeners and all the feedback. If you would like to re-read the presentations… Read More »