About AMSL

Developing an Electronic Resource Management System Based on Linked Data Technologies

A Project by Leipzig University Library

Managing electronic resources has become a distinctive and important task for libraries in recent years. The diversity of resources, changing licensing policies and new business models of the publishers, consortial acquisition and modern web scale discovery technologies have turned the market place of scientific information into a complex and multidimensional construct. A state-of-the-art management of electronic resources is dependent on flexible data models and the capability to integrate most heterogeneous data sources.

Project Goal:

The general goal of this sub-project is the development of a scalable, reusable web application for the management of electronic resources in academic libraries in Saxony and beyond. The software uses Linked Data technologies and integrates all ERM-relevant data in RDF. The basis of the data transformation processes necessary for this will be the Data Management Platform enabling librarians with limited or no IT background to model and configure transformation procedures, data schemas and queries. The specifications for this are based on the generic DLF ERMI description.

Software Basis:

The web application is developed using the application framework OntoWiki as a basis. OntoWiki facilitates a visual representation and editing of a knowledge base that is built from heterogeneous data sources. Semantic content can be easily created and edited using an in-line editing mode for RDF that is similar to WYSIWYG editing in text processing applications. Specific ERM functions are developed as OntoWiki extensions. OntoWiki has been developed by the research group Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web (AKSW) at the Institute of Applied Informatics (InfAI) in the project LOD2 within the 7th EU Framework Programme.


  • Specifications and workflow modelling based on the recommendations of DLF ERMI
  • Identification, evaluation and modelling of ontologies for these domains:
    • Licence and contract information
    • Terms of Use
    • Usage Statistics, COUNTER-compliant
    • Administrative information
    • Bibliographic data, package management
    • Budget and fund management, invoicing)
  • Enhancement of OntoWiki with workflow functions
  • Development of a GUI for OntoWiki
  • Evaluation


The sub-project is supported by the Research Group AKSW at the Institute of Applied Informatics (InfAI) at Leipzig University. Parts of the project tasks have been contracted the InfAI.

AMSL is the result of a subproject of “Wissenschaftskommunikation im Semantischen Web“, a project by SLUB Dresden and Leipzig University Library. This project was financed by the European Union (EFRE) and the Free State of Saxony.


Project Github: Vocabulary for Library Electronic Resource Management

Project Team:

Project Leader:

Leander Seige (Leipzig University Library, IT)

Tel.: +49 (0)341 9730612

E-Mail: seige@ub.uni-leipzig.de

Project Coordinator:

Björn Muschall (Leipzig University Library, IT)

Tel.: +49 (0)341 9730508

E-Mail: muschall@ub.uni-leipzig.de

Specifications, Modelling and Library Know-How:

Annika Domin

E-Mail: domin@ub.uni-leipzig.de

Lydia Unterdörfel ( – 10/2014)

E-Mail: unterdoerfel@ub.uni-leipzig.de

Software Development and Modelling:

  • Richard Redweik, redweik@ub.uni-leipzig.de
  • Tino Ryll, ryll@ub.uni-leipzig.de
  • Reik Müller ( – 12/2016)
  • Gregor Tätzner ( – 01/2016)
  • Sebastian Nuck ( – 07/2015)
  • Norman Radtke ( – 07/2015)
  • Andreas Nareike ( – 10/2014)
  • Carsten Krahl ( – 10/2014)
  • Natanael Arndt ( – 01/2014)

Contact the Team:

The ERM team of UB Leipzig is looking forward to your comment, question or message.

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