Getting Started on Testing amsl: New Demo Systems

By | 22. January 2015

Inspired by more and more requests for amsl demo accounts, the demo concept has been completely reconsidered. Now a three-stage demo system is available, the three systems differing in the provided functionalities and therefore allowing the user to choose a demo system fitting his needs.

Web demo without login

Web demo without login, example page

Web demo, without login

  • Minimal example data
  • One institution view
  • Role: ERM librarian
  • Read only
  • No registration required

Web demo, individualized user accounts

  • Extensive example data
  • Two institution views
  • Role: ERM librarian
  • Writing permission
  • User accounts requestable via e-mail

Virtual machine demo

  • Extensive example data
  • Two institution views
  • Pre-configurated roles: Admin, systems librarian, ERM librarian
  • All features
  • Insight into installation structure
  • Download link requestable via e-mail

Further information on the different demo systems and on how to receive the necessary user accounts may be found on our web page Demo Systems.

Or why not simply get started now? Your first impressions are waiting for you: