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Feature of the Month: Standard Reports

Which budgets have already been charged? How high are our expenditures made or planned for the current fiscal year? Which contracts are related to a certain faculty? What is the workflow status of our current contracts? Some of the questions arising in the erm context are not that easily answered and sometimes too complex even… Read More »

Feature of the Month: File Upload

When managing electronic resources, often the need may arise to not only save the information contained in a document, but to provide the original document itself. This can mean scanned license contracts, necessary to know the exact wording of terms and conditions, as well as received invoices or balance calculations, which need to be accessed… Read More »

Feature of the Month: Support of the Shibboleth Implementation

One of amsl‘s main advantages is its adaptability to changed or completely new requirements. An example of this flexibility is the use of amsl to support the shibboleth implementation at Leipzig University Library. Electronic resources will prospectively be accessible for library users via shibboleth authentication. This alteration demands adjustments and working effort in different areas,… Read More »