Demo systems

For testing amsl, three slightly different demo systems are currently avaible. Depending on the desired depth of the test you can choose a demo system fitting your needs.

Web demo without login

Web demo without login, example page

The amsl web demo is available under

The language may be changed into English via Extras > Select Language > English.

Without logging in, the demo system gives a first impression of the work with amsl, the provided read only data being a minimal example for one library’s ERM information.

To test further functionalities and to have access to extensive fictitious example date, individualized user accounts may be requested via email. For each institution, two accounts with writing permissions will be created, therefore the input functionalities of amsl may be tested. As all participating institutions share one installation of amsl, the data can neither be personalized nor hidden. Neither do the accounts have permissions to configure amsl as a systems librarian or admin.

For a complete test of the amsl system, a virtual box image of a full amsl installation with is available for download. With this system, the whole installation, including e. g. the user management, is entirely configurable. It comes with pre-configurated user accounts for admin, systems librarian and ERM-librarian as well as extensive example data for two organizations. The download link may be requested via email. Due to technical considerations (installation effort, file size), the user friendly amsl index cannot be provided by the virtual machine demo system, but may be tested in both web demos.

The virtual machine demo is particularly recommended for organizations planning on hosting an own amsl installation or adapting amsl’s fundamental features to their own needs.

The few steps leading to your amsl demo system:

Web demo, without login

  1. Access
  2. amsl may now be tested without the need to log in.

Web demo, individualized user accounts

  1. Request your accounts via email to
  2. You will receive your accounts via email.
  3. Access
  4. Log in and test.

Virtual box demo

  1. Request the download link via email to
  2. You will receive the download link via email.
  3. Download the image.
  4. Reqierement: Running installation of virtual box, see
  5. Import the image.
  6. Start the virtual machine. Login at OS: demoamsl, password: demosamsl.
  7. Access within the virtual machine.
  8. Pre-configurated user accounts:
    User name Password Role
    dba dba Superadmin
    Admin Admin Admin
    systems systems Systems librarian
    user user ERM-Librarian

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