Feature of the Month: Standard Reports

By | 30. March 2016
Standard Reports - Overview

Standard Reports: Overview of the stored reports accessible for the user.

Which budgets have already been charged? How high are our expenditures made or planned for the current fiscal year? Which contracts are related to a certain faculty? What is the workflow status of our current contracts?

Some of the questions arising in the erm context are not that easily answered and sometimes too complex even for amsl’s list views. Or sometimes a list needs to be consulted frequently, making it time-comsuming to generate it all over again each time.
For those use cases amsl holds a comfortable and flexible solution now: the standard reports.

Confuguration area

The configuration area for systems librarians. Here the query, possible parameters and a description as well as user rights can be entered.

In the configuration area a systems librarian can enter any query, exploiting the full possibilities of the query language SPARQL. In addition it is possible to add parameters to a query, giving the user the possibility to qualify the details of the report answer – for example, to determine the exact fiscal year or the faculty bearing the charges of certain contracts.

Is, like in the faculty example, the expected value an amsl resource of a certain type, the comprising class can be recorded in the configuration area, thereby generating an autocomplete form for the user.

As SPARQL can query and combine data from all knowledgebases, it is possible for each report to determine specific users, who have the rights to access the report.

For a quick overview, the results can be displayed as a HTML list, for further processing or sharing, the user can download a CSV document.

Standard Reports - Autocomplete

An example for a parameter to be specified with the help of an autocomplete form.

Standard Reports - html Report

Optionally, the report results may be downloaded as CSV, or displayed directly as a HTML list – the latter is shown in this screenshot.