Many Little Puzzle Pieces for a Better Usability

By | 29. February 2016

After some quite months on this blog, now there are some news about amsl again. During the last roughly 9 month, we have not been idle at all, but have optimized many small details.

Starting with an improved sorting of lists, over an enhanced filter option, a multiple selection option when adding properties and an optimized form validation, to a session-based saving of the configurable list view – there’s a whole bunch of new features which make using amsl even more easy and comfortable. Two of them we will introduce here.

Saving of list view configurations


Example for a configurable list view of annual contract data. The configurations can become quite extensive.

The list views with their configurable tables are one of amsl’s core features – with one click, columns for all properties belonging to a class can be added to or deleted from the table. That is how the amsl list view can be both clear and complete for every aspect of the daily workflow.

Instead of resetting the table with every change of knowledge base, the configuration of each classes list view is saved for the session now. No matter how often the knowledge base or class is changed now, the table stays the same until logout.

Especially workflows which demand a frequent check or comparison of data stored in different knowledge bases, have become much more effortless now.

Multiple selection


Example for a selection of multilpe properties. Of all properties suggested for a specific class, any properties may be selected at will.

Another small but effective feature is the possibility for multiple selections when adding properties to a resource.

In many cases the user needs to add different corresponding properties at once – for example when adding data of a new invoice.

There’s the information on whether or not an invoice for the contract in question was received, the invoice date, the invoice processing date, the price, and maybe a link to a document resource where an invoice file has been uploaded.

To date the “add property” dialogue needed to be opened for each of the properties mentioned. Now all af them can be added at once.

Small features might not seem as impressive as big ones – but they help a lot to improve and speed up the daily workflow.